Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 15th, I am tired

no photos taken today, but someone cool visited and gave a talk yesterday
Dear October,

I love running outside at night when you're the perfect temperature for DDR. It's strange because I feel I'm being inducted into all these different cultures that before I would never have thought of joining, I guess. When I say cultures, I mean stuff like

playing DDR despite being terrible at it
encouraging the idea of karaoke
anime club
saying hello to classmates who aren't friends, when you see them in the hallways or outside
badminton (sort of)
not noticing when people are upperclassmen
being mistaken for a senior by a sophomore (lol)
waking up at 7am in the morning NATURALLY

Ok I deviated a bit from my idea of cultures, but you probably see what I mean. I honestly feel a lot less boxed in by my idea of me. So yay! I sing sometimes instead of humming, and dance when I want to (sort of). And if I feel like running down the steps to the next outside level, I do, even though it's at night and no one knows why I would be rushing anywhere. I feel strangely happy despite not always being on top of things, and I both look forward to and am extremely worried about the cold that you are bringing soon. I already get hints of it in the mornings and even though I thought I really liked the cold, I am reconsidering that a bit. Morning cold is not fun unless you have a warm jacket and did not just wake up. Cold is nice in the middle of the day though, because you feel prepared for it. I hope you won't be too chilly when I wake up!


 song of the day: Little Traveler by Clear (anime club is how I find many of these japanese songs lol)

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Laura Mills said...

"I honestly feel a lot less boxed in by my idea of me." YAY! This is how college is supposed to make you feel! So happy :D