Friday, October 4, 2013

October 3rd, the end was embarrassing

Dear October,

I am drinking Jasmine Green Tea right now because I just sent my teacher my sound art project. The project was due at midnight exactly, and I sent it 2 minutes late. The assignment requirements involve, among other things, a 3-5 minute .mp3 file and 3 questions that you want others to answer about your sound piece. My schedule today (estimated) in relation to my project:

9:00-ish: checked out audio recording device from Resources
1pm-2pm: tried recording a lot of things
5:30pm: upload files onto computer after classes
5:40pm: cannot find my files. computer says all files were last edited in 2008
a few min. later: realize audio recording device settings were set to a default Jan. 1 2008. fix the date.
a few min. later: identify which files are today's. find that there is no sound on any of the files
a few min. later: realize I was supposed to press a certain input button that was half wiped out so I didn't know what it was the whole time I was recording
a few min. later: record myself laughing and ranting and crying internally about not having recorded anything
a few min. later: record myself eating chips
throughout this whole process: think about using the 45 min. sound file my class partner and I recorded while testing this device in class.
for several hours: record things randomly. overhear people's conversations accidentally in the cafeteria and think about how terribly creepy this device can be.
10:00pm: a little worried.
10:10pm: plan to record something involving running down the hill to the store and back in 5 minutes. roommate is worried. asks if I want to wear her neon reflector vest so I don't get hit by a car.
10:13pm: leave dorm to run to test idea. running uphill is horrible as usual. I get back in 7 minutes.
11:00pm: worried. perusing through recordings, feeling despair
11:20pm: freaking out a bit. get random idea of embarrassing myself by shouting a phrase out loud while running through the halls quietly because it's quiet hours
11:30pm: I panic and grab my recording device and shout "there's a pig on the schoolbus" randomly in the residence halls, and then run to the next floor as quickly possible if there are people nearby
11:35pm: upload file and edit. though I tried to shout, it was more like I spoke louder than usual
for a while: try to decide on editing one of three possible sound files. play around with editing. the other two are normal but one is not original enough and the other is possibly too boring. pick the insecure sounding one
11:50pm: freaking out and trying to thinfk up wuqsutions for project!
11:56pm: try to export sound file as mp3 from sound editing program and IT TELLS ME I HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANOTHER PROGRAM to export as an mp3.
11:58pm: downloading mp3 program and thinking up less stupid questions
12:01am: export file as mp3 and attach to email. try really hard to reword questions
12:02am: send email. freak out a bit about it being late and about how embarrassing everything is. roommate asks if I want tea

Otherwise today was good. 
Please stay warm for a while longer because I don't want to wear long pants.


song of the day: We Found Love covered by Ed Sheeran, originally by Rihanna

-------Also here's a letter to October by my roommate:

Dear October,

You were pretty warm today. You should like... cool down yo.



Barbara Mills said...

Ohhh nooo! I feel your pain. Can't tell you how many things like this happened to me - dropped the expensive camera in front of the whole (male) basketball team assembled for their picture. Shoot 36 pictures and go to rewind, hmm that was short, no film went through the camera. etc.etc. Jeff burned hole in the headliner of the roof of the police(!) car he was riding in with the portable light he was using. One of our favorite crew members ran the light stand up while on a shoot at Compaq Computers and hit the sprinkler head setting it off and sprinkling everything around with water.

You will survive! and laugh about it someday. (maybe not today)

Laura Mills said...

I love how you and your roommate have different wishes for October. Also the fact that you got your roommate involved! Yes more people! :D

Oh oh and THAT SONG O_O I dislike the original version but THIS COVER! JUST.. WOW. I am blown away.

Indigo said...

Mrs. Mills: That is actually really comforting! All those things sound terrible but kind of fun at the same time (maybe just fun to think about afterwards). The whole not-figuring-out-the-recording-device thing wasn't too bad though, so I wasn't devastated about it... just maybe a little sulky :)

Laura: Yeah! I was so happy and excited when I told her about the letters to october thing you were doing and she sounded interested! But she says she probably won't be doing it every day if she does decide to try it. Yeah Ed Sheeran is wonderful! I like both versions a lot but Sheeran's just feels warmer.