Monday, September 1, 2008

Interesting Links

Ok, I've been browsing the web all morning, and I found some interesting links. It's unlikely that you'll check them everyday, but its worth it to take a look.

Instant Origami - A bunch of origami sculptures that are made with speed. The only one I can recognize is the dragon though.

Flying Pizza Kitty - Er...Not really sure what this is, but its very cute.

Distraction Game - At first, it seems like a normal, simple game. But 10 seconds into it, distractions from outside your game screen start distracting and making the simple game more hectic. I love all the distractions.

Cows Go Moo - Why do they do that anyway?

Lost in Translation - Lol! Type something, and it translates it 5 times between languages, and back to english. Interesting results.

Past Life - Enter birthdate and get information on your "past life".

Planet 10 - Build a planet and see if it survives.

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