Sunday, September 21, 2008

Game Links

:D I am really happy! I hope you know whales are mammals...
Sorry, that was a random question. ^^
Anyway, I found a few interesting games, so here they are:

Z-Rox - Basically, you look at this line. And you try to figure out what word or letter it's scanning. You'll see what I mean if you try it.

Hoshi Saga - You have to try this series of games. 100 levels in all. Find the star. Make sure to think outside of the box though. A row or column of levels unlocks another level. There are about 5-6 slightly inappropriate levels here though. Most of these levels are interactive, and its fun to experiment. :) Each game gets better.
Hoshi Saga 2
Hoshi Saga 3

Yo-Yo? - Swing the ball around and try to click it. It changes colors everytime you click. :)

Microbe Kombat - Play as bacteria, and eat stuff to grow bigger. Then use your special powers to split apart, speed up, or blow up some of your allies(split up pieces of you).

Oh come on, I had to have told you about Vectorpark! It is one of the awesomest places to visit that has interactive toys. Feed the Head, Spider, and Acrobots are a must! Try them all! Click, drag, wait, interact! (This six-legged dog comes if you wait a little in Spider. It is just adorable! Jump by holding the click button, and jump higher if you hold longer. Try jumping when under the dog's foot. :)

Enjoy! :)

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