Sunday, September 28, 2008

Japanese Estimation Game

Nobody seems to know the actual name of this game, since its in Japanese, but someone said it translated to something like "Tight Area". First, it gives you a map of Japan, and a chart of blank pixels on the right. You roll your mouse over all the areas in Japan, and click on some. This pixelized area will fill the chart. You can keep adding more areas to the chart, and try to get as close to the red square as possible, but make sure not to go over. You pass onto the next level if the pixels stop somewhere in between the green and red squares. There are ten levels in all, and if you go over, you have to start from the beginning again.


The instructions are in japanese, but all you need to know is in the above paragraph.

My highest score was 13770. :/ On my fourth try. I made the mistake of clicking the giant area up at the top on my first try, and went way past the red square.

I noticed that I've been posting a lot of links this month. @_@
And the titles for all my posts arent very creative. But I'm not going to spend three minutes thinking up a title for every single one of my posts, because I could be using that time to surf the web to come up with more links to post. :)

Well, enjoy!

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