Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conceptis Puzzles

Wow. Here's a link to Conceptis Puzzles. Basically, its a site filled with puzzles, except they arent crosswords or mazes, they're pixels(Pic-A-Pix). I usually dont like puzzle sites because they're all the same, but you must try this one out! They have pixel puzzles, battleship, sudoku, slitherlink, kakuro, hitori, and hashi(not that I recognise anything after sudoku).

The special thing about the Pixel puzzles are that you end up with a small pixel picture if you get it right. There are many of these puzzles, except each has a different way of getting these pictures. There are also different difficulty levels. They vary from mega-big, many colors, 2 colors, and to the most basic, the black & white colors. Some have a combination of them too.

Pixel Puzzles - A link to all the types of pixel puzzles - Pic-A-Pix, Fill-A-Pix, Link-A-Pix, Maze-A-Pix, and Dot-A-Pix.

The pixel puzzles are HIGHLY confusing if you dont read the instructions, or at least the links I'm about to give you.

Tutorial - For those of you who don't like to read instructions, this is a video tutorial they have on their site. It is very helpful, although long. But since its so long, it covers most situations.

Rules - Self Explanatory. This isn't long at all, since its split into which puzzles you are doing.

Tips - Tips on doing the puzzles. (Try the bigger numbers first!)

Techniques - A step-by-step guide on the strategy for doing the pixel puzzles. Its like the video tutorial, but in writing and picture format. :)

Interactive - What you can do in the puzzle, and helpful things to know.

There. At the least, use the links for the tutorial and rules.

Now then, even after that, its sometimes still confusing. Also, the solution to the first 6 pixel puzzles are on the picture-link. Not all of them show the solution. For the ones that don't, you have to register and go to My Conceptis to see the puzzles. They make a new one every several days or so(6?). Anyway, here's a bunch of stuff I found out from playing.
  • If you click on the marking tool, and want to go back to the norml filling tool, click the marking tool again.
  • The numbers on the side can be clicked on so that they turn white or black. (Not sure if it work for puzzles other than Pic-A-Pix at the moment)
  • When the numbers double or triple up on the sides of the grid, it means that there are 2-3 seperate groups of blocks, depnding on how many numbers are there. For example, if the numbers 2,2,4 were on the side, that means that row or column has OO OO OOOO (pretend these are blocks) somewhere in there. Although the spacing might be different, the groups will always stay together, and there will be at least one empty block between them. (Pic-A-Pix)
  • The numbers on the side tell you how many filled blocks are in that row or column. Multiple numbers mean -refer to above-. (Pic-A-Pix)
  • These pixel puzzles require no math or english. According to the description, these puzzles improve logic and cognitive thinking.
  • You can do these puzzles on the computer(preferable), or printed out.

Ok. That's all for now!

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