Monday, November 26, 2012

Light, Grass, and Oceans

Once again, here I am writing a blog post while I should be working on my college applications. These college apps are really inspiring! Anyway, here are some awesome things I have seen recently:
  • While walking to an art museum – saw amazingly long luxurious grass. The most beautiful grass I have ever seen. It grows in tufts and tumbles, thin and green, and immediately reminds you of the ocean, or short wavy hair. It looks like it should be moving but it’s still. I reached down to touch it and it is oddly rubbery. If you have ever reached down to pet grass, well, this would have been kind of disappointing(but it was kind of interesting, how rubbery it was)
  • The trees by my house. They sound like the beach. I will explain later sometime.
  • The light that escapes the blinds and curtains and hits the edge of the windowsill really sharply at 7am sometimes 
  • Driving to school one morning – sun is shining with those streams of light, one hits some parked cars windshield(lots of dried water marks on the glass). Then we drive down more, and pass by a girl who has really long hair and some Pocahontas-like stuff in her hair. She is getting in or out of the car, and her hair swings and the sun passes through it in slow-mo while we drive by. Very cool. 
One day I will be brave enough to open all the blinds of the windows in my room at night. Then I will sleep(early). I expect to wake up to an explosion of light in the morning. You know, for some people, dreams wake them up. But more and more often for me, I wake up and then decide to go back to sleep hoping to continue my dream or have more dreams(even if it’s scary, I am more interested in what will happen next than I am afraid) and then wake up hours later. It used to be sad to wake up so often in the afternoons, and now it isn’t. Hmmm.


Foxlady1209 said...

Gosh, you're probably the only person I know who'd call college apps exciting. I think I'll try the blinds thing, though. I really need to learn to get up in the mornings.

Foxlady1209 said...

crap I meant inspiring

Laurapoet said...

Oh my gosh now I want to do a response post to THIS! Ahg! You and your awesome blog. Also, I love the title. Thanks for reminding me, once again, to pay attention to light. Because you always see it differently than I do. Maybe it's an artist thing. Also, the Christmas lights are up at my house! Just thought you'd like to know :) I'll see you on Friday! (Right?)

Indigo said...

Thanks guys! :D ;_; Your comments made me so happy! Sorry for replying so late!

Aaah Laurapoet thanks!! Wow this was long ago... I probably did see you on Friday though! :D Now where is that response post?! Hehe

Also Foxlady1209, you should! I haven't tried the blinds thing yet, but I haven't really fixed up my sleeping schedule enough to do that either. It would be really weird if I tried to do that and then slept through the afternoon so that when my neighbors took out the garbage or something, they'd see me sleeping. So would the entire street. If the street wanted to walk by my house... I guess that might be a good incentive to wake up o_o Anyway, yes those apps were inspiring.. but in a terrible way. D: I guess they were inspiring like.. doing homework is really inspiring, because suddenly every other productive thing you could be doing instead sounds incredibly fun :D Also this is totally unrelated, but have you watched Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)? I'm not sure if you watch anime anymore and it might be kind of mainstream even though it's new, I can't tell. But it's so good ;_; ANIME BLOG POST COMINGSOON AHHH