Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 3rd, you are funny

a peek into my bag

Dear October,

Everything felt a little off today. Like time went slower than usual or sped up when it doesn’t usually. We had an odd fire drill/alarm during history class, for instance. An hour before the lecture was to end, a loud alarm began blaring, and if that sound had a color it would be bright white. Not quite BLARING, but like a calmALERT sound, if that makes any sense. It wasn’t nearly as immediately alarming as fire alarms were in middle and high school, but it felt more ominous. It would go, WAAAHHNWAHHHNWAHHHN THIS is an EMERGENCY evacuation. Please ex-it the building as quickly as possible. And after a few moments of confusion, everyone immediately started packing their bags. Either the alarm was surprisingly effective in sounding official and calmly dangerous, or everyone was just excited to be let out early. Our professor looked at us, waved out his arms in a large open hug motion and said, “See you all next week!” so we left.

Anyway, it was rather lucky for us since an event was going on that day that all the art students look forward to. A bunch of art vendors set up stalls in a market square outside, and they give out all kinds of free samples, and let you try all these different tools. It’s the same as last year, and this time I got a lot more paint than last year, which was very cool. Everyone also was crowding especially around this one table that had a big basket full of 02 Microns, which are pretty good archival inking pens. There was also this poor vendor at a stall who was just showcasing palettes, and he had no discounts or free things or demos really, and people frequently skirted around that one. :( Among the things I got was an oil bar, which I’ve been meaning to try. It’s like a crayon for oil painting. Afterwards, I fell asleep on my bed and woke up slightly later than expected and missed dinner, and then went to a bubble tea place with a few friends. We played Sorry! and it was actually very similar to Parcheesi, except Parcheesi is somewhat less brutal (and has animals). I ordered honeydew milk tea since I’d gotten fairly similar flavors the other times I had gone, and it was pretty good, although just slightly too sweet maybe. The last time we went, Jam and Tar and I played Taboo!, which by the way is a great way to study for tests because of the nature of the game.

Alright, must go! I’ve noticed your leaves are slowly turning yellow! It’s very pretty.


(random good song added later: Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin - good for mornings!)

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Laura Mills said...

Omg! I never thought of Taboo! as a study tool before! Also, I remember when you excitedly told me about that art supply thing last year! Gosh everything was so brand new then!