Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 2nd...

it's funny when programs lag
Dear October,

Today was tiring. We had a semi-final draft of a poster due, and a test on the first segment for History of Graphic Design. We learned things today. We didn’t sleep. But it was a nice kind of staying up, in a way, in that you’re enjoying what you’re doing for the most part. What else? You rained today, a little bit like usual. We were in a small group of six people studying for GD History, and the kinds of things you learn are interesting. It was actually one of the first times I think I’ve ever felt somewhat exasperated at how everyone was talking over each other. It was this mini pandemonium going on around the table, and people were talking across the table and switching conversations and getting confused when they heard fragments of another conversation, and at some point two pairs of people would be having a conversation about the same thing and then the conversations converge and they readdress everything they had talked about with the other pair to ensure that both pairs were equally confused, and suddenly someone checking their calendar would remember something and interject another topic into the conversation, and everyone would be distracted by the importance of that topic, etc. Everyone kept trying to redirect the conversation every once in a while and it wouldn't work. It was fun, and it was a funny day.

Oh yes, and the funniest thing I heard today was when we were all working on our posters. When it gets late, often people take turns napping so we know we'll wake up in time. Sometime in early morning, my friend Suds said, “Wake me up in 15 seconds” and flopped down onto the floor.

See you,

(these are going to be actually on time soon, really! and no song today)

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