Friday, October 3, 2014

October 1st, it was glittery today

the view outside my window! has nothing to do with this post
Dear October,

I was walking back to my dorm from my furthest (which is not that far) and latest-running class and I noticed that everything looked particularly sparkly. The street lamps were the typical warm-sun color, and the lights from cars were blinding white as usual, but the rain from earlier made everything slick, and the black roads looked like they were shellacked tree trunks, because the rain highlighted all the cracks and bulges on the ground. There was a puddle ahead that was rippling from occasional raindrops, and shaking slightly from other things, and a bright blobby white light was reflected in it, and I remember it wobbling in strange ways. It was dark and pretty empty, and there were so many subdued warm highlights on the ground that things began to feel hyper-real. You know when you see highly rendered images and immediately know it is not real because of how clear everything is? Or when you're in a game with detailed 3d-graphics, and the whole world looks so crisp? On cold days, it sometimes look like that in the white mornings, because I think the angle of the light makes everything look sharp, and a whole bunch of light is bouncing off everywhere anyway. It was like that outside today, but at night. You know when warm street lamps reflect off parked cars at night, and that warm strip of light is like a dim but strongly yellow-orange highlight? I want to describe the color but I can't think of a simple word for it. It's like melty dim orange, or a warm tangerine color. The ground would glitter with that low orange light and every once in a while you would come across a wet bench where the light would just slide on and right off the panels.

Before this I was with my friends Tar and Jane, and we went to a "cafeteria" event called the Cornaval. The cafeteria was covered in corn-related decorations, which meant there were lots of yellow garlands and christmas lights and that shiny stuff that looks like thin gold material that's been put through the paper shredder almost all the way through before someone tried to hang it by the last bit of material that's holding all the strips together. Tables had gold corn on top, and we had a menu with corn dogs, cornflake-crusted chicken, popcorn, corn chowder, corn on the cob, corn cakes, cornbread, corn vinaigrette (with salad), corn pops, etc. This year they had posters for it that said, "It's coming", except the com of coming was overwritten with corn. So everyone knows it's corning. There's another poster with a unicorn on it, who has a corn horn. My favorite is Cornibilism, which has a corn on the cob that has evidently eaten another piece of corn. We got carnival screen printed yellow shirts and temporary corn tattoos. People took pictures with giant cardboard cutouts of corn in a small field of giant cardboard corn. Some of the staff wore giant corn hats, and every time they turned their heads, the corn would swivel around with them.

Well, that's all. Can't believe my first letter to you is already late! But this was what I was thinking yesterday.

(edit- wow this was a pretty late start for a first letter!)


P.S. Here's the song for "today":
Hello/How are you by Ritsuka - I went looking through old posts and listened to old songs, and then I found this one in one of the related videos. It's cheerful (sounding), so here you go.

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