Sunday, June 12, 2011


Wow, it's been so long since I last posted a post. Every time I felt like posting these past few months, I would get distracted by something and then I wouldn't feel like posting anymore. Because of this, I have collected a lot of links and a lot of things I feel like talking about. So let me get the links out first, and then I'll go on with everything else I was going to say.

There are a lot of links. I really don't feel like describing each one, so I've decided to just write a few words related to the link as the description. Then you can go click on whatever sounds interesting. I also put a small thumbnail of each site under its link because for some sites, I think the pictures explain better than any description I'd write. Ok, here's the list:

grammar type search hits match this or that

music sound make island small bump objects

notes find save ideas remember

powerpoint online slides presentations nice animation

drag moving paint canvas cool unique

deviantart mural graffiti paint tools

blank writing clear space simple dark
draw shading sketch instant awesome

post-it sticky note mural huge print upload image

music like recommend list track summary

google chrome set time no distractions

tune music bump click simple repeat change

game choose click path grow up text

Oh, I also have a list of books and anime and maybe music that I feel like recommending. I'll do that later. This is already longer than I expected, so I think I'll just post what I was going to post originally later.

Now for the end song! Sometimes I feel like adding two songs at the end of my posts because I can't decide between them, but it just doesn't work because I always feel like the song at the end is the theme of the post or something, even if its not. Usually its a song that's either my current favorite, or one I was listening to while making the post. Right now I don't really have a current favorite, just songs that haven't gotten too old for me yet. So here's a song that fits into that category.

Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5 - This is pretty popular right now. Or maybe it was a few weeks ago that it was? Anyway, I especially like this song because as soon as I hear it begin, I want to listen to the rest of it. Sometimes I hear a song beginning and I go, "too depressing", or "ugh, not right now", but this song is so versatile for many moments, and that's why I like it.


Anonymous said...

Yay! All those links look really cool! I hope you keep posting :)

Laurapoet said...

Oops sorry that was me, by the way.