Friday, February 6, 2009

Twin Shot

"Oh my god, they're jello-kittens!"
"Jello-kittens? Gosh, someone over there must really like cats."
"Oh. Oh, yeah! I love the music!"
"Wait, does it use arrow keys?"
"And no mouse or anything?"
"Hold on, going there..What's it called?"
"Twin Shot. It has a 2-player mode. You shoot these arrows to kill monsters and when an arrow hits a wall, it sticks out so that you can stand on it and stuff. The cat looks so cute when it jumps."
"Oh! I see it!"
"The background is kind of Greek-like."
"Ok. Oh, he looks so cute when he flies!"
"I know!"
"Whoa! Ah- Darn. I keep jumping on them."
"Haha. Oh, there's flying bunnies! And weird slimey blobs."
"Oh, this is cool! Hey, what level are you on?"
"Uh..eight, I think."
"Cool. I'm getting to level five. What are those things? Ah! Oh my god, they jump!"
"Oh yeah, those. Those are so annoying."
"Hey, I'll chat with you on messenger, ok?"
"Ok, bye!"

Here is the link:

Small Insignificant Note: I beat Thin Ice a while ago, so it's no longer forever stuck on level 39. I also finished the last level of Twin Shot just now, so I'm going to go finish reading The Goose Girl for the 6th time. It's the best book ever, you know. Anyone a fan of Shannon Hale?


laurapoet said...

Omg! I love this post! It was a great idea to make it into our conversation about Twin Shot. You need to add another poll though....How about asking something like: What's your fav. Nitrome Game? idk. just a thought. Anyway cya!


Indigo1928 said...

:D Yeah, I guess I do. Just procrastinating on posting the poll results (I'm going against my new year's resolutions already! @_@) Ooh, good idea! >:D

Elanor Osidh said...

Oh yeah! The Goose Girl is a great book, along with The Princess Academy! I really should read it again...

Indigo1928 said...

Yep! I can't wait for the 4th book to the Bayern series. :D