Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Links

Here's a quick little quiz:

What Font are You? -

My font is Helvetica, which is apparently a boring font. My favorite one is Mrs. Eaves. :)

Here's another link to "
Perfect Balance". It's a physics game, and you just take the shapes and balance them. I expected it to be frustrating, but the game is so zen that there was no violence involved. It also makes a little ringing sound when the shapes are dropped onto another shape. I am on level 22/40 right now.

Perfect Balance


Lily said...

hmph! I am Times New Roman! T,T

Sunspot said...

Here's a link to a movie about Helvetica - there's a lot more to it than Helvetica being boring. I think the problem with Helvetica is just "too much of a good thing"