Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eyezmaze Tower and Flash Cat

Yes! A new eyezmaze game came out, "Grow Tower". Devan found it yesterday. And a new Nitrome game!

The Nitrome game, Flash Cat, is a 3D race track in pixels, where your racing mobile(a pink green legged bug) scuttles and jumps through power-ups and tries to get you to the end as fast as possible. You, the cat, steer the bug so it doesn't fall off the racetrack. Space to shoot, left and right arrow keys to steer, up arrow key to jump, and down arrow key to brake. (Link below)

For those of you who have never tried a grow game, what you do is click one of the icons/options. Then click another, and another, until they have all been clicked. Depending on the order you click them, different things happen. There's one ending for each game(sometimes 2) and you try to reach the end to get there. Since there are so many combinations, sometimes you have to logically figure out what would work with what.

Link to Flash Cat (Nitrome):
Link to Grow Tower:

Ex. 3 Options are(there are usually more): seed, water, shovel (usually you don't know the function of what you click on. So basically, its usually not this easy)

Possibility 1
1. Seed (seed falls on ground)
2. Water (rains on ground, grows grass around seed) (seed upgrades, sprouts flower)
3. Shovel (digs up grass) (water upgrades, rains again) (sometimes not everything upgrades)

Possibility 2
1. Shovel (Digs hole)
2. Water (fills hole and makes pond)
3. Seed (seed floats on water and some random frog swallows it) (water upgrades, floods)

You know, stuff like that. But much more creative and fun and wonderfully animated! It's always fun to try different things because its different for every combination.

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