Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Hey, I just realized resolutions is Re-solutions too since I had a little typo on the title. So new solutions again! Haha. Anyway, I asked some of my friends whether they could come up with 100 resolutions. No one replied yet, so I wrote some down in a notebook. Here they are so far. Feel free to comment about them or say your own resolutions(100 maybe?).

2009 Re-Solutions

  1. Be Happy
  2. Get into the high school I want to get into
  3. Make more art
  4. Make more friends
  5. Keep in contact with current friends
  6. Find another interest(to broaden the possibilities?)
  7. Stop procrastinating
  8. Do not go blind
  9. Hope for a good schedule and make it come true
  10. Keep up with daily things/homework
  11. All A's, please
  12. Find a job.
  13. Survive.
  14. Take lots of photos.
  15. Create many masterpieces
  16. Keep my spine straight so I don't end up like a hunchback
  17. Follow a certain friend's hygiene advice (if reasonable)
  18. Be a little more social
  19. Do not embarrass self
  20. Speak up
  21. Make more time
  22. Stay healthy
  23. Learn to roller/ice skate. Looks fun
  24. Learn to resist cold.
  25. Make it snow.
  26. Work hard.
  27. Sleep at 11 at the latest on school days.
  28. Exercise more so I will not die in gym
  29. Be fluent in Spanish and Chinese (I think the top 3 used languages when English is added?)
  30. Volunteer.
  31. Stay away from presentations(if possible)
  32. Make a signature. Seriously.
  33. Don't break any bones
  34. Enjoy all my classes
  35. Remember to wear a watch during school days
  36. Learn self-defence skills
  37. Stay away from the dark side.
  38. Find a way to get a dog.
  39. Do not lose cell phone.
  40. Be near honest people often in case I lose it anyway.
  41. Find soul-mate (haha)
  42. Find a cure for everything
  43. Learn to cook more than grilled cheese and eggs
  44. Stay organized
  45. Keep priorities in order.
  46. Get a better camera
  47. Work with more art things
  48. Keep a good unread book at all times
  49. Keep all viruses away from the computer
  50. Do not stay up till 4 to post something
  51. Do not get into accidental trouble
More than 50% :D Beat that. (before I get to 100 re-solutions) I'm going to keep editing until I get to 100.

1 comment:

chabitso_0 said...

my number one resolution...
#1.stop growing taller.

....if i just try hard enough!x]