Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello! More Links.

Hello, haven't been on for a while. The finals are making everyone so busy! Anyway, a few links I didn't have time to post:

The Majesty of the Colors - Reminds me of "I Wish I Were the Moon". It's pixeled, and you're a monster with a tentacle that lives under the ocean. Little people come around and you can grab things or people and depending on what you do, they'll love you or fight you.

Meeblings - Kind of like Lemmings. All kinds of meeblings appear and each can do a different thing. Click on one to activate its power so that they get to the "Way Out" sign.

Downhill Bowling - Extreme Bowling.

Fat Cat - Nitrome, new game! A fat cat with his Burping power and his guardian owl, who pretty much does everything. :3 Cute. Get through the level by shooting all flying monsters and blasting wall with your uber burping power.

Also, powder game has new additions!
bomb - explodes when it touches almost anything
laser - shoots out lasers. (Try firework lasers. :D)(And user your laser power with player)

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