Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas! Just unwrapped a bunch of presents, and I am feeling very happy.

Here's a festive little X-mas game. Deliver presents to houses with your new rocket spaceship, and avoid Rudolph, who's jealous of your upgraded sleigh.
My score: 3850

I got a nice new comfy sweater, which I seriously need since all of my old ones don't fit anymore. It came with a scarf, so now I'm all ready for some snow! (Once I get some mittens) I also got one of those 365 page-a-day calendars. Its called "Planet Earth" and has some pretty awesome pictures and trivia facts on it. I've been wanting one ever since last year, when one of my friends got a vocabulary one. I'm planning on taking notes of my day on the back of each sheet so next year I'll be like, oh, I did this on this day. Also got a few other things, like a new cell phone, since I sort of lost my old one. >_> Go Christmas!

My gift list is almost done. Some last-minute after X-mas shopping will finish it up. If you haven't given anyone anything for the holidays, shame on you! What happened to the gift of giving? :O

Well, my friend got me a tarot card deck, so I'm reading about all of them. :D Also, happy Hanukkah, since I didn't post the beginning of it on my blog a few days ago. Anyway, comments about your holiday would be appreciated.

Be happy and hope for snow! (For those of you who live in places which rarely snow.)

Happy Holidays! (Now my phone greets me with that every time I open up the main screen. :D)

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