Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9th, some scribbling and a thought

our simplest signs from another day
Dear October,

It’s the ninth already. We’re moving so quickly! Yesterday, I got together with Tar, Rim, and one of our classmates, and we pretended to be 6 year olds, drawing and making posters for an imaginary lemonade stand as an ad campaign exercise for psychology class. It was surprisingly relaxing. I think it would be so therapeutic to have a six year old drawing session every week, just to de-stress and get out of our graphic design (and other college-major-imposed) mindsets. Even when we were just starting on our posters (our group was a mix of graphic design and illustration majors), we really had to tamp down the urge to sketch out the composition… Two of us immediately took out pencils and sketched for a few seconds until we remembered that we were supposed to be six year olds—unimpeded by hesitation! Maybe. So we went in with our sharpies and crayons and chisel-tipped markers, and it was such a relief to just let go.

I had a random thought today, while I was absentmindedly tearing a few layers of paper scraps on my desk in studio. I’d cut pages of my book draft out of the center of several sheets of paper, and all that was left were white floppy frames. I kind of absentmindedly tore these frames into segments as I talked to friends in studio, and there was this strange tactile quality to the slow and steady ripping that made me wonder what it would be like if I spent a whole year ripping this one segment of paper. When I finally pulled the two pieces apart completely, would I feel some sort of relief? Would it feel surreal, to suddenly have ended something that I’d been working on for so long? I don't know why I was wondering this, because it seems like there's no point in wondering about it, but I just couldn't let go of that thought.

song of the day: Tell Me What You Want From Me by Good Old War - a good, upbeat song from the Kodaline concert (Good Old War played too) I went to, and super fun to sing out loud in a crowd


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