Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 3rd, it was cold and there was food

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Dear October,

It’s really nice to see you again! It’s getting cold a little too quickly for everyone, I think, but sometimes when I’m dressed just right for the weather, it feels perfect. Like today, when Tar and I hiked along the canal to an open field that seems to have no purpose. It’s especially windy right by the canal, and it was so cold that we only did 2 sketches before our hands were too frozen for us to continue. 

Tonight is Waterfire too… I can hear the music through my window, and sometimes it’s this strange, ominous music, which is VERY characteristic of Waterfire, but later in the night, like right now, at 10:33pm, sometimes they’ll play surprisingly beautiful music, with high tones and just a slight eeriness. It’s always instrumental music or opera. The fire is dwindling down at the canal, but there are still some people walking by around all the stalls.. the assorted nuts stall, the pastries stall, all the vendors with their art and ceramics and jewelry… kettle corn and clam chowder, which always runs out early… the occasional accordion player and shadow performance, and the parade of blue paper star lanterns that glow in the shady park by the water… I see it all now from my window and hope it doesn’t end soon.

Later, I went up to a friend's room to work but then got distracted by the random movies they were playing, and we ended up watching Mean Girls. Jam was making creme brulee in small ceramic cups, and I got to try some of it today. According to her and her roommate, Rin, it has the texture of flan and isn't crispy enough on top. "It's supposed to be like an egg," said Jam, pretending to hit the top of the creme brulee with an invisible spoon, "it should crack." To me it was just slightly too sweet, and Rin and Jam laughed about how Jam had accidentally discovered how to make flan without gelatin. "Oh well... creme brulee test number one," said Jam. She has said the same thing when she tried to make the lavender latte I kept talking about but could not find here. 

Everyone was cooking today! I think we all just happen to be in a lull with work. It's really not very common usually, but this year seems to be a little different. Earlier today, I arrived back in my dorm to find that my roommates, Eggs and Mint, were already cooking soup and vegetables. I just boiled corn. It's really nice, cooking with people and being with people who are cooking. 

song of the day: Unclear by Kodaline - because I went to their concert last Monday with Jam and Lays, and it was amazing.

See you tomorrow,

P.S. I know I skipped two days... I have them and will perhaps post those in the near future.

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Laura Mills said...

This is such a calming letter! I love you description of waterfire- I sounds like something out of The Night Circus!