Friday, July 5, 2013

2, 3, 4: AHHHH, :(, Beep

I know I haven't posted for the past 3 days! Ahh! Ok here we go, succession of posts, both short and medium and nonexistent! 
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Everything burns. I went to the beach with some of my friends. We made a sandcastle with strange jut-outs and a cat head and another head, and tried to boogie board but didn’t really since the waves were somewhat low. 

Clothes: burn 
Fabric: burns 
Shower: burns (apparently there is no cold water in my shower) 
Lotion, 10 seconds later: burns 
Another kind of lotion: burns 
Typing: burns

Just kidding about the last one! But
Sitting with my back touching anything: burns

Today: 153 words
(comment from the future 7/5: what a fun and sad day)
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Today: 0 words

(comment from the future 7/5: .___________.)
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My printer is going kzzk… kzzk… kzzk… kzzk kzzk kzzk kzzkhzkhzkhzkhzkhz 

So I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics lately, and but I only recently noticed all the different sound effects that the artists come up with for things. It’s not just ZAP! or POW! or CREAK.. click beep POOF! slurp, swish, bzzt, slam, whack, kaboom, crash, THWACK, etc. (Actually, it’s funny to note the sound effects that are verbs, like slam, crash, stomp, and slurp. Maybe one day sound effects will evolve into really ridiculous verb sounds, like WALK, drink, CLOSE DOOR!, open, UNPEEL!) Anyway, instead they’re a little more unusual. Like 

Krrrnch - breaking a metal floor 
Zrrrrrt – laser beam through tent 
Woooom - explosion
Shooooop – opening a chest
Crrrr – wagon piece dragging 
Fweeeee – light fleeting away 
Fwshhhhhhh – power zapping out 
Zzzzhooooom – laser beam 
Ffssssss – electricity doing its thing 
Krsh! – power zap, electric 
Shhf –leather boot sliding into saddle, gun into pocket 
Fzz, crik, crak – campfire 

I'll tell you about the webcomics another time. So I was thinking of how you would come up with sound effects for just things you do/things that happen every day. I guess the steps would be something like this: 
  1. Listen 
  2. Imitate by voice 
  3. Try to spell it out 
  4. Figure out the pattern (long and extended like shhhhhhhhhhhhhhk, short blips like beep beep beepbeepbeep, dramatic like SLAM!, soft and lowercase, etc.) 
  5. Figure out what it looks like (slinky and oozing around in waves, etc.) 
So... I did some stuff and listened to the sounds that happened (appeared, resulted?) and tried to translate them as accurately as possible. Here they are: 

drinking water glgflkgdlgfglg
fireworks (happy 4th of July, belated!) – poooosh! Buh buh bububububububu crkkk… pook 
flicking light switch upblun
ceiling fan - whuwuuwWWWwhwhwhwhwhWwwWWWWWWww 
laptop having trouble breathing- vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn vrrn vrn vrrn vrrrrrrRRRrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN 
crinkling receipt slowlyblllk mllk blLLK… Kr k MLk blKrr.. 
peeling a post-it - fffzzzzzzzzzzzzzsssssuh 

Wait. Is it peeling or unpeeling? I am peeling an apple. I am unpeeling an apple. Unpeeling a banana. Is there a difference? Ok. Peeling is to remove the skin. So unpeeling would be like putting the skin back on, except it’s not. Also it doesn’t seem to show up in dictionaries as a verb. What a mystery. 

It’s really difficult, when you’re listening to a sound, to figure out whether it is an “n” sound or a “d” sound or something else. I was poking my laptop with my nail just now and couldn’t decide whether it was more like a “d d d d d d d d” or “dn dn dn dn” sound. The only reason the “n” is being tacked on to the “d” is because the tapping sound is slightly muted, probably largely by my finger and then by everything else, so there needs to be something that stops the d sound from being too duh duh duh when you read it. 

Anyway that was fun. You should try it. It was surprisingly difficult. I guess there’s a difference between the sound effects used in comics and how you would actually spell out a sound effect if you wanted it to be as accurate as possible. I’m pretty sure if someone drew a character scrunching up some paper, they wouldn’t write “blllk mllk blLLK” next to it. They’d probably just go with “crinkle crinkle”. 

Aah this is so complicated, typing and continuing the same blog post on different days. Let me tell you how I am organizing my NaNoWriMo writing right now. I’ve got MS Word open, and I just type type for the day. At the end of the day, I write the word count for the day, type a looooooooong line of dashes under that and write the date, in bold, at the end of the dash train. I highlight the dash train a hideous cyan because it’s either that or another terribly blinding color, or yellow, which is boring (only highlighter yellow though. Normal yellow is awesome! And only highlighter yellow on the computer. Real-life highlighter yellow is so practical it’s ok if it’s a bit boring. At least I can see the words underneath). Then I type type for the next day and repeat. 

 Ooh I want to try something. 

“At my end of my day, I write my word count for my day and I type my looooooooong line of dashes and I write my date, in my bold, at my end of my dash train.” 

 I always feel bad about using “I” too much in sentences. Are you ever worried people will try to psychoanalyze you? Anyway, I thought I'd see what it would look like if I replaced all articles with “my”. It’d be funny to have a day where everyone does that when they speak. It might become a habit though. o_o 

So that’s how I’m organizing everything, I can’t keep blog posts in one piece on MS Word. They must be separated by dashes. It’s just weird, especially when I decide, the next day, that I want to type something BEFORE the stuff I typed yesterday for my blog post. Actually, I’m not supposed to really run into this problem since the goal was to post every day, and the assumption was that I would only write blog posts on the day I post them. Gah confusing. Alright see you tomorrow!

Today: 1133 words
(actually I'm kind of warming up to that horrible highlighter cyan. It may look cute here, by the way, but it doesn't so much on MS Word)

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