Sunday, August 21, 2011

List and Lights

Wow. School is starting again, in 2 days. Summer was even shorter than usual. It just started feeling like summer a few weeks ago. WHY? I guess I'm ready for school, somewhat. I used to be so bored by the time July came around that I would be really excited for school to start. But now that I've discovered the computer, and the library, and friends, and now that I actually have stuff I want to do, I feel like summer could almost go on forever and I'd never be bored. Well before, I had all those things, but I got bored of them all so fast(except for friends, because how do you get bored of friends? Unless you spend every waking hour with them until you get sick of each other, which is rare, I think) so I just sat on the couch and made boredom noises.

I feel like I have an endless array of things to do. If bored, go on the computer. If you can't, go read a book. If you haven't visited the library recently, go do some summer homework(which you probably should have been doing anyway). If you don't feel like it, go paint. If you don't feel like it, go draw. If you don't feel like it, go make something. If you don't have the stuff to make whatever you feel like making, go eat some bread. If you ran out of bakery bread, call a friend. If they aren't there, write something. If you don't feel inspired, then go check and see if the computer is open. If it isn't, sleep. If you wake up and nothing has changed, then there's nothing you can do.

It rarely comes to that though. Anyway, I guess I should make a list now.

Things I want to do

Sit on a roof - I have always wanted to sit on the roof of a house. A real roof, not one of those flat ones with pools and gardens on top. I imagine there'd be wind and birds and a giant tree swaying by and random people jogging down the sidewalk. And it would just feel weird, to be able to see the roofs of all the houses down the street, and to actually feel the wind and to be the only person on the roof of anywhere. I think you would feel more alive, because it's just one of those things that you can do that makes you feel like you're the only person aware of it, and because this is one of those things that people can go through their whole lives not doing. And you can be one of the few people that have experienced something like that!

Punch someone - I really think I may live my whole life without punching anyone. You read about it in books and see it in movies and hear that other people have done it and yet you have no idea what it's like. It's one of those first-step kind of actions. Just like sewing up a hole in a pair of pants or playing a piece of music or driving a car. Each one of these things is the first step to a whole realm of stuff, and since stepping into each realm is so different, I want to experience all of them. So punching would be like the first step to the fighting realm! Not that I want to go any further than that.

Go to a concert - I think it's pretty sad that this is on my list. But just in case I don't go to one of those concerts where everyone is a fanatic about whoever is performing and random people in the crowd scream, I have listed this down. It's just one of those random things that every person must experience.

Work at a cafe - As a part time job during college or something like that. This is just too cool. Everyone seems to have worked at a restaurant or a cafe or a bakery at some point. I always hear about how you start off as garbage-taker-outer and then you move up to dishwasher and then you move up more until you become a cashier and stuff like that. And I want to know what it's like to be whoever it is that takes my order. By the way, this just cannot work at a chain fast food store. It's too depressing. I want to work at some little or somewhat well-known place. Somewhere where there are regulars and people that sit at tables and do work for hours and only get coffee refills. Or somewhere with several super busy hours of the day where people line up and yell orders and everything is hectic. 

That's pretty much it for my list as of now. I have other things I've always wanted to do, but those either aren't notable enough or I've forgotten them. It's a pretty short list, but I want to do each one so much that it doesn't really matter. The list used to have just two things on it anyway, and I don't know why I called it a list then either.

Well, that's all. Ooh, the song I'm about to link to is one of those songs that you happen to listen to on loop while doing something specific. And it plays several times so that that song and whatever you were doing at the time are forever linked in your memory. So whenever the song plays, you instantly get this weird nostalgic feeling and it's like, flashback! That's why I associate this oldie song with playing pokemon on my gameboy. It's also why I associate this architecture thing I did last year and with this Mike Posner song.

Lights by Ellie Goulding - I was at this art workshop earlier this summer. Sometimes when we painted, this guy's ipod would play from some speakers at the far end of the room. I didn't like most of the songs on that ipod, so I was kind of surprised when I liked this one. Anyway, when we had paintings to finish in the studio on the top floor of the dorms, the same person would play the music on their ipod, and I always noticed when this one came on since it was one of the only ones I liked. So I associate this song with late nights of painting in the studio and being tired and just being in the same rut as everyone else in my class. It was fun.

Actually, on the second to last day, several of us stayed up all night to finish our pieces. They blasted that ipod really loudly from the other room in the studio. It was super tiring. The whole workshop was intense and we had homework every day and we had to replenish materials every other day and in that city people walk everywhere. And meals were a long ordeal if you wanted to go out to eat. You have to walk to the place, wait for the food, walk/run back, depending on whether there was an evening workshop thing, then buy stuff and stop by several stores to get more paper towels or another tube of toothpaste. By the time you got all the necessary stuff out of the way, it was well into the evening and everyone's feet hurt and by the way we stand all day in class while painting. And we stayed up late and had to wake up early to stop by Walgreens and get our reference photos printed because the printer in our dorms had no color ink and the other building's computer room is closed on sundays and the actual building in which our classes are held has broken printers. I hope you realize that we walked all the way to all these buildings and then had to walk all the way back. Anyway, this led to everyone being super super tired by the time it was evening. People periodically slept on the ground right in front of their canvas, on the brown paper we laid out on the floor so that we could go around barefoot and not get paint or charcoal on our feet. A lot of us had snack breaks to the vending machines and random compilements of food in the kitchen for a snack feast, which was pretty sad because we were all kind of still high school kids that hadn't realized the importance of buying groceries. So we had some sausages and bread and pizza rolls and goldfish and soda from the vending machines.

My point is, all this just made us even more tired than normal, which was why I was so surprised when the effects of late-night-sleeping hit earlier than usual. Normally staying up late doesn't show its symptoms until the afternoon, when I get really drowsy. It was weird there because as soon as you woke up, you felt super tired. And not even walking around helped.

So in the morning, people would sway while painting and have hallucinations and mix the wrong colors because they thought they had aimed their paintbrush at the brown but when they put it on the canvas it turned out to be green and getting perspectives wrong and not seeing the teacher until they were right next to you. Before that, I didn't know it was possible to fall asleep standing up. The hallucinations were funny though, I have to say. During lunch, we would share our own hallucinations and talk about the weird feeling you get where you can feel the room tilting but you can't see it. And then the giant canvases propped on the wall would look like real people and every once in a while you would be like, whoa! There's a person right there! And then you'd realize they weren't real. And then you would be painting a head when suddenly the head would look like Hogwarts and you would lean in and be like, what a mess, that looks nothing like Hogwarts, and you'd wipe away the whole thing with an oily rag and then jump back and go, wait, what'd I just erase? And then you'd think, oh my god, I just erased the entire head! and have a mini moment of clarity and hilarity at yourself and horror.

Wow. I think I really needed to get that out. I haven't told anyone this experience in detail yet really. Anyway, that workshop was really one of the funnest long-ish experiences I've ever had. Weird too. Maybe I'll just write a series of posts describing the experience, because there was just so much that happened. I'm going to end now with a question, even though my English teacher always told us not to, because my song link ending is no longer really an ending anymore. It was a beginning! Haha.. Yeah, anyway have you all ever had similar long-ish fun experiences?

And YES! I finally ended that thing that I kept doing in my recent posts where I felt I needed to have correct grammar and no run-on sentences by rambling away about that workshop I went to. Just in time for school!

Oh by the way:

Current status: eating bakery bread :D


Laurapoet said...

This is such a cool post! It was a lot cooler reading about your art workshop experience than hearing about it, because its hard to put all those details into a conversation because you feel like you're talking to much. You list is really cool! Maybe I'll make one too. And btw, I just want to say that I ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts and that you need to do more of them!

Foxlady1209 said...

I agree, you need to do more posts!
And when you find a roof to sit on, take me with you! (too scared to do it alone)

Also, you're right, summer does seem shorter. But I had summer school aaall through June, so what's you're excuse? o3o

Indigo said...

Laurapoet - Yay! Thanks! Yeah, I was surprised when I read over it and could actually understand it. :D Yes well, I'm hoping to get back into the groove of posting... And hopefully I will actually plan my time wisely this year so that I have time to post too!

Foxlady - I will definitely take you with me! We'll have to find a house with the perfect roof to sit on. Not too steep but not too flat either, like my roof, which is both flat and steep...

Uhh... the workshop? :D