Friday, October 3, 2008


Some nice short games I found. These are all short, pixelized, and storylike, and by the same person.

I Wish I Were The Moon - Take snapshots of things and move them around to change the story. There are 5 endings. :)

Heartbroken - Cut the strings(of love!) between weak relationships. I found 3 endings, but Im not sure if there are any more.

StoryTeller - Tell the story by moving the people around in the panels. It might be just me, but this link won't work on my Internet Explorer browser, but works on Firefox.

All these are from (Be sure to try 3 trials too!)

Also, powder game has a new BG thing. It makes everything bigger and toon-ish. So basically, it doesnt sprinkle anymore, it gushes.


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